Why Choose Us

Unlike other firms that focus on the problem and “points of pain”, we focus on creating innovative self-evolving systems that create powerful, accelerated and lasting transformation

By activating the whole-person rather than just left-brain analytics, new possibilities arise and new paradigms emerge.  Moreover, this provides leadership with an ethical navigation system for profound decision-making.

Our services and solutions set the course for a new way of working that is healthier, more productive, collaborative, ethical and sustainable, resulting in quintuple bottom line returns

Healthier and Happier Employeeswhychooseus

  1. Improved employee health, vitality, morale & innovation
  2. Deeper connections & more fulfilling interactions
  3. Greater empowerment and personal integrity

Organizational Wholeness & Health

  1. Increased organizational unity & personal integrity
  2. Wholehearted leadership that inspires employees to
    achieve remarkable results
  3. Increased productivity and efficiency
  4. Greater organizational adaptability and resilience

Powerful, Accelerated and Lasting Change

  1. Culture of Health, Wholeness & Inspiration
  2. Innovative and Empowered Decision-making and action
  3. Emotional & Relational Literacy

Increased Shareholder Value

  1. Increased revenues and profits
  2. Social and ecological responsibility that increase brand equity and shareholder value
  3. Decreased health care costs and absenteeism
  4. Quintuple Bottom Line that promotes profits, people, planet, purpose and passion
  5. Equitable treatment of stakeholders


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