* Below are examples of endorsements for work of our team members:

Dusty Staub

• Dusty, I just wanted to take the time to express my sincere thanks for the invaluable work you and your firm has provided over our 12 year relationship. You may not know that I was recently interviewed by a national association in our industry and asked "Over the 65 years of being in business what is the most important decision you made that created the great success your company has experienced?" The answer was simple, "The engagement of Staub Leadership to begin the process of creating a highly interactive and productive culture." ~Jon B. Clements,Chairman & CEO, Clements Worldwide


"Over the past two years, our organization has undergone significant changes in leadership and culture. Underpinning that cultural change are our manager's vision, courage and purpose, all strengthened thanks to our work with Staub Leadership. The practical concepts and useful  tools Dusty offers have reframed and reshaped the way our leaders influence and inspire others, positioning us to be able to respond to the challenges we face in business, as well as our personal lives. Thank you Dusty for your insights and the impact you have had on me personally, and the leadership team at Alliance One."~Pieter Sikkel, President and CEO, Alliance One International, Inc.


"You delivered far more than what you promised. My experience has been that others deliver less than what they promise. You have exceeded all expectations and I want to personally thank you.” ~Ralph Taylor, CEO, Taylor Companies


• I am pleased to recommend Dusty Staub as a speaker, workshop leader and a coach who can touch the hearts of his audience and get results. Dusty kept the workshop interactive keeping all of us highly engaged throughout the two day program. He was flexible with the agenda, reading the audience and then focusing on areas he thought would benefit us most. He left us with "tools" we could easily apply on the job to improve our leadership skills. Dusty openly shared important things about his life decisions and caused us to do the same, causing us to decide how we choose to behave with each other and those who work with us. It became a very personal and meaningful journey for all of us. The impact Dusty had on our team was evident the day we returned to the office. The team members were using the tools Dusty provided and they talked openly to each other in a common language around leadership issues. This is the result we hoped for and we were on our way to improving our leadership as a team.” ~Les Carmichael, CEO, Gibson Energy, LLC 


• Your words and message were just what we all needed to remind ourselves how to have courage in our daily interactions – both on the personal and professional levels. The feeling that you were talking to each one of us personally made your talk even more special. The Junior League has never had a speaker receive such high marks and such high praise.” ~Rebecca Schlosser, President, Greensboro Junior League


Dr. Jacqueline Chan


"Dr. Chan is an extraordinary provider with a tremendous amount of knowledge and compassion. She was the first provider who I felt was really approachable and attentive to all of me: mental, emotional and physical. She was able to tease apart my complicated symptoms, make sense, and deal with them head on. She does not shy away from anything. She was the first provider to recognize that my upbringing had an adverse effect on my health and mental well being. I feel safe, comfortable and cared for by Dr. Chan. Her knowledge and application of conventional and complementary medicine have significantly improved my quality of life. Our work together has been a collaborative effort. She welcomes my input so that we can fine-tune medical plans to maximize my wellbeing. I believe it is our team approach that has made the difference in my life." ~Lara


"When you first meet Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O., you find a genuine kindness and concern. Her smile warms you, like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. You are about to discover she is one of a kind, in the longest human lineage: Women who practice the Healing Arts. Resonant in the Feminine Wisdom traditions of Isis and Cleopatra, Artemisia and Aspasia, to Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson; Dr. Chan brings a deeply developed and radical intuition of the Mother with the keen yet open intellect of the Scientist, to the practice of Osteopathy. You come to know that few delve deeper, with greater attention to detail in her mastery of innovation in Women's (and men's) Health, than Dr. Chan." ~Rev. Anthony S. Wright, MA, CCHT Mill Valley, California June 2009


"Dr. Chan has a rare ability to combine the hard science of medicine with intuitive, osteopathic cranial manipulation which has resulted in incredible results. She has listened, accurately assessed symptoms, and through working with her I have been virtually symptom-free from dizziness and migraines just for a start! She has diagnosed and corrected health issues which were previously unidentified by other doctors that I had seen for years. She is a fantastic doctor and I would highly recommend working with her!" ~Elise Falcone Rankin, Organizational Strategy Consultant and Leadership Coach


"Time with Dr. Chan is worth more than anything you can take home in a bottle. She is a rare doctor who takes you to the Sanctuary of your Soul, where the truth and diagnosis reside. And then the medicine in the bottle has a chance of doing a thorough job! Many Thanks to my favorite Doc." ~Caroline Muir, Author: Tantra Goddess and Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving Founder, Divine Feminine Institute for Men and Women


"It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Chan as a workshop leader and presenter. As a former hospital Chief Operating Officer, I have worked professionally with hundreds of physicians of every specialty in various aspects of practice and leadership. Among them, Dr. Jacqueline Chan brings a unique mix of depth of content knowledge, appreciation of audience, presentation ability and passion for her subject matter into her role as a workshop leader. She engaged the audience, presenting a compelling trace of information and necessary action to her audience. It was a pleasure having her lead and present at our recent workshop." ~ Ron Carlson, Partner, COO Advisors


Mark Chasan

• I highly recommend Mark Chasan and Transformative. Mark is an innovative thinker and integrator. He has helped Clean Fund with strategy, legal, finance and business development. His intuition, insight, valuable introductions to strategic relationships, and ability to deliver results is exceptional. When called upon to help with urgent and complex transactions, Mark proved to be a life-saver.”~John Kinney, CEO, Clean Fund


• I originally worked with Mark Chasan at IBM where he was instrumental in developing innovative solutions and strategic relationships for digital media, entertainment and communications. Mark has the ability to successfully create highly effective, innovative and entrepreneurial systems and solutions within startup organizations or larger organizations with more rigid hierarchies. Mark is a futurist, entrepreneur and integrator who posseses a great depth of knowledge, experience, creativity as well as a multidisciplinary background in law, finance, media and technology. Mark's people skills and business development abilities are unparalleled. He is visionary and a pragmatist, a serious businessman with a sense of humor and an intellectual with heart. Mark is not only an individual I would highly recommend as a consultant in the areas of innovation, systems integration, law, finance and business development, he also possess high integrity, delivers on his promises and is a pleasure to work with.” ~Gary Rylander, CEO at Strategic Governance Solutions (formerly Partner at IBM)


• Mark understands the social impact investing and entrepreneurial landscape better than anyone! He is a person I would call as a sounding board if I were raising funds. And I help people raise funds that raise funds for others.” ~Scott Leonard, CEO – Indigenous Designs 


• Mark is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of new business development, strategic planning, financing strategies, the law, and the development of successful business models from start-up to exit point. He has been, and continues to be, a tremendous asset to our company, as well as a friend. I highly recommend his and Transformative’s service to visionary entrepreneurs.”~Bruce Dannenberg, CEO of Phytonix


• I've had the pleasure of working closely with Mark Chasan for the last four years. Rarely have I met someone who has both the ability to articulate a powerful vision, with the skill to effectively execute it. His expertise at team building and managing a diverse array of personalities is extraordinary. He has very strong convictions, yet continually demonstrates the willingness to listen to all points of view, and understand and incorporate any new ideas for the betterment of the collective vision. He is serious, professional and thoughtful at all times, yet never loses his keen sense of humor and ability to make hard work fun. He's passionate about saving the planet, and driven to succeed-by any definition of the word. I highly recommend Mark for any endeavor that requires a diverse set of skills-particularly those related to finance, entrepreneurship , development, management, and sustainability.” ~Ted Lieser, Partner of Equity Community Builders


• Mr. Chasan is a brilliant visionary and business man as well as a reliable confidant. His direct working acumen provides knowledge in action no matter the scope of the project. I am continually impressed with his strategic mind and flexible approach to solving challenges that arise in the business world. In our last project he was able to provide excellent ideas, sound business strategy, and a versatile approach to branding, marketing, and fund-raising. What sets Mark apart from others is his willingness to share from his heart and to stay one step ahead of the curve in planning and visioning for the future. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to succeed. Thanks Mark!” ~Brian Smiley, CTO Elements for Life


• I have worked with Mark since 1999 on a number of projects. He has always proven to be a highly intelligent and creative thinker who is both a master of financial transactions as well as developing winning business plans and strategies.” ~Bill Jeffries, SVP Demand Media


• Mark is excellent at structuring and executing transactions. He is extremely knowledgeable about financing vehicles to help firms grow. In addition, he is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.”~Paula Brancato, Northwestern Mutual


• Mark has advised me on film funding and my entrepreneurial media endeavors. I am grateful for his ability to be direct and honest, for his generosity of spirit, as well as his industry insight.” ~Amy Seidman, CEO of Noble Profits


• Mark is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced person who not only brings a great deal of financial acumen, but also creativity and business experience beyond just investing. In my experience with Mark, he demonstrated that he is man of integrity, intelligence and dedication to quality.~Howard Meiseles


• It was my honor to work with Mark Chasan, the founder and CEO of emusic.com from almost the beginning of his firm's launch. I was pleased to be able to meet with him to strategize about marketing/PR and the future of digital music. Mark is not only one of the ETBs (early true believers) in digital media, he is one of the pioneers on the West Coast. He is always gracious, always helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Mark is able to not only think outside of the box but to swim upsteam when the rest are going downstream or floundering!” ~Joyce Schwarz, Bestselling Author, Business Coach & Marketing Consultant


• I have known Mark literally since we were kids. He has always been the smartest and most charismatic guy at the table. He has the ability to simultaneously inspire, entertain and inform in almost every circumstance. A truly remarkable individual whom I am proud to call my friend.” ~Roger Goff, Partner at Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin, LLP

* Transformative is a collaborative consortium and some of the foregoing endorsements were given while our individual team members were rendering services with their respective companies or with other organizations.


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